Monday, October 4, 2010

Disbursing Thunderclouds in My Ego

Today I got back into the box and made a renewed commitment.  Lets see how this rolls.

This time we were there during open gym so, after a wonderful walk n' talk with Mr. Paradiso to set a smart plan for my fitness goals, I DROM'd then rowed a set of four 500m sprints with three minute breaks in between, without inhaler.  My time improved each row with stressed gasping toward the end of the second row.  I broke a sexy little sweat as the thunder clouds in my ego disbursed.  Aside from the disappointment felt when I noticed the black shoe strap marks from the rower on my brand new bright white New Balance trainers (a nice accent to the taco grease from Saturdays tailgate), I experienced a good feeling accompanied by low-oxygen headache and sore rib cage muscles (my rib bones connected to my know the tune).  But, most notable was the happiness that enveloped me.  

I've been battling some major demons throughout August and September and am glad to be back.  I've been so out of it that I am on-ramping again.  This, finally, is ok with me.  Four hours ago it wasn't ok.  Now it is.  

Alrighty then.  See you at the box.