Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ella me conocía cuando era conocido como "Red".

Brenda y yo en un partido de fútbol USC Trojans2010.

Patience and Red in 2002
She knew me when I was known as "Red".  That's my friend Brenda I'm talking about.  She likes to joke with me about how she knew the person that I was before I pursued my undergraduate education versus the person that I am now.  And mostly, she is correct.  I believe we met somewhere around the year 2000 when I was day jobbing as an Executive Assistant to the CEO and in-house legal counsel at Edwards Theatres Management in Newport Beach.  However, we met while I was moonlighting as a Band Manager for a local funk band and a hotshot for an independent music label in Cerritos.  I was dating the lead of the band that I was managing and she was in a longterm relationship with the drummer.  We instantly bonded, though I must have not been sober enough to recall the actual moment of meeting.  Doh!  That might be a lie.  I have visions, they're just a little blurry.  Let's see.  There was a small dark club and the band and was there a cowboy hat?  Oh wow.  Its coming back now.

The strange thing is that as much as I was a party girl (I'm fortunate to have survived those years in spite of myself), I was also more serious in terms of general mood.  Now I try to be less serious by laughing so much more often while taking care of business.  This is a difficult line for me to tow.  So, in the spirit of a good time while improving character, Brenda has invited me to join her on a twelve day trip in Spain.  

During the last week of September and into the first week of October, Brenda and I will fly into Madrid and fly out of Barcelona.  How we navigate in between is completely at our discretion.   Instead of creating a new travel blog, I've decided to convert "Dione du Jour" to "Dione de España" for the time that I will be planning and embarking upon our trip.  If you've got any suggestions or words of warning, please post those comments here.  We look forward to the dialog!

Hasta la próxima, tener un gran día!