Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

Dione, Judy, Lee - Grayson Farm, 1971

Mom is a pillar.  What she has endured in her lifetime boggles my mind.  And yet, she has been nothing but pure love to me for my entire my life.  She is kind, gentle, pleasant, loving.  She tried her best when we were little to bake us yummies and fry us pork chops and sew us costumes of gypsies and super heros.  She took us to 4-H and Lutheran Sunday School for a bit, doing everything she could think of to encourage us.  She helped me with my homework and taught me tricks in 4th grade math that I still use today.  She shared the gift of music with me by singing her heart out shamelessly during Saturday morning housecleaning and trips to town for groceries.  But most of all, she smiled.  She smiled and she hugged.  And she still does.  Through her own discomforts in life, she has smiled and laughed and hugged away every single little boo-boo I've ever encountered.  My mother is real and down-to-earth and never self-serving.  And I try my best to model my own behavior after hers when parenting my beautiful daughter, Patience.

Thank you, Mom.  I love you!

Mothers Day, May 1978


  1. Thank you for such a sweet and thoughtful message to me on Mother's Day. (sniff) I love the card and the pictures of you, Leigh, and me. The cake story is so funny. I think that must have been the first cake I made in the wood-burning cook stove beFORE I knew that different kinds of wood heat differently. The white sheet cake looked very overly done brownies after only about 15 minutes. Adventures in baking the "old-fashioned way."

  2. I just love that you even tried to bake a sheet cake in a wood-burning stove. I don't think I'll ever get to try that one! Love you!

  3. After I figured out the "wood/heat" thing, I made lots of cakes in it. Loved that stove. I remember when we had a "wood-cutting" day with several friends and neighbors that came to help. They started extra early and came in for breakfast which was a TON of "from scratch" pancakes made on the new "old" cook stove. Was so cool because I could cook about 30 at a time on the stove top. Picture perfect, too.

  4. Very sweet Dione! I love the old stories, can't beleive you found that stuff.

    Happy Mother's Day Judy! You have always help me make lemonade out of my lemons. Big hug and a squeeze!

    Love you both!